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Welcome to the Unofficial Information and Support Site for the Laptop Programs


Welcome to the unofficial information and support site for the laptop programs in the city of Pleasanton schools.  As parents we are responsible for the care and technical support of our student’s laptop in the laptop programs. This site was created to assist in that effort and can become a central resource to the parents and the students participating in the laptop programs at the Pleasanton schools. There are many questions and issues that will be faced by every parent and by sharing our experiences and knowledge we can form a support system to assist one another.

This site is organized in the following manner:

  • School Laptop Programs - Information regarding the laptop programs at each middle school.
  • Internet Safety - Information regarding the threats presented by the Internet to our children and steps we can take to protect them.
  • Tips and Info - A blog containing useful information regarding the laptop program and general laptop tips.
  • Apple Mac OSX - Information, tutorials, and tips regarding the Apple Mac OSX operating system.
  • Microsoft Windows - Information, tutorials, and tips regarding the Microsoft Windows operating system.